Auto Pet Toy Ball

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Touch-Activated & Auto-Sleep
With a built-in motion sensor, when your pet touches or bites it, it will move, roll and bounce for 10 seconds with LED flashing and then stay on standby with LED blinking for 4 more seconds.

Safe and Durable Materials
Crafted from ABS and silicone, this durable and safe toy is IP54 waterproof and features a thick shell that's resistant to wear and bites.

2 Modes
The interactive pet toy ball features two modes and you can easily switch between them with a single press of the button. In normal mode it runs irregularly with LED blinking slowly and in crazy mode it bounces crazily with LED flashing fast.

Colorful Lighting & Easy USB Charging 
The interactive toy ball emits colorful lighting when running to attract the attention of pets. With a built-in rechargeable battery, you no longer need to replace the battery as you can simply charge the toy using the USB cable provided. A single charge of 1.5 hours supports 4 hours of continuous operation.

Removable Housing
The motion-activated ball comes with a removable shell that can be easily removed for cleaning without damaging the machine.

Suitable for Various Flooring Surfaces
This toy ball can move on a variety of flooring surfaces, including wood, marble, tile, low pile carpets, grass, etc.