Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

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Auto Power On/off
With a built-in infrared sensor, this cat toy will work automatically when your pet is within 10cm of the infrared sensor. It will stop working and remain on standby when your pet is out of the IR area for 5 minutes, which is intelligent and energy-saving.

More Excitement for Your Cat
Controlled by a bionic chip, the 2 feather teasing heads hide from your pet flexibly like preys. With multiple holes, the teasing heads show up at different holes randomly, keeping your pet busy and excited.

Attractive Cheese Shape
This toy is designed in a cheese shape, which is very attractive to cats and gets them excited.

Premium & Safe Materials
Made of ABS, the shell of the toy is safe to use and is resistant to scratches and bites.

Non-slip Feet Pads
With 4 non-slip feet pads, this cat toy can stand steadily without slipping on smooth surfaces.