Furbulous Glaring Litter

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Excellent Odor Control

Featuring a special formula, this Glaring Litter contains 2% deodorant granules that immediately neutralize odors when your cat urinates or defecates. It also quickly forms sturdy clumps for odor containment, leaving your home fresh for several days.

Natural Ingredients and Fragrance-Free

It is made of 70% tofu litter, 28% bentonite litter, and 2% deodorant granules, all of which are entirely natural and free from any fragrances or dyes.

99.9% Dust Free 

This Glaring Litter provides an almost dust-free experience, whether you're pouring it into the litter box or using the Furbulous Cat Litter Box to automatically scoop and pack cat waste.

Easy Scooping & Flushable

It rapidly forms solid and stable clumps to ensure they remain tight during automatic scooping, without sticking to the litter bed, and it can be effortlessly flushed away.


Package Contents:  2 x Bag of Glaring Litter

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