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The First Auto-Pack & Seal Cat Litter Box

Unlike other cat litter boxes that require pet owners to manually scoop cat waste, this cat litter box executes all procedures automatically—including automated cleaning, packing, and sealing the plastic bag. It takes the honor of being the market's first truly automatic cat litter box.

Take Hands-Free Experience to the Next Level

This genuinely automated cat litter box is also accompanied by a smart app, elevating hands-free functionality to an even higher standard. It allows you to not only remotely manage the cleaning schedule of the litter box but also effectively track your cat's weight, bathroom visits, and more. Truly realizing a fully intelligent solution.

Safeguard Your Cat Inside and Out

Our foremost concern is your cat's safety, and thus we've implemented a Lifeguard System including a total of 7 safety sensors and an anti-pinch structure. Whether your cat is inside the litter box or nearby, this smart cat litter box can detect their presence and will block the door from opening, ensuring your cat remains unharmed. Important: To use the automatic cleaning feature, your cat must weigh at least 3 pounds. If you have a small kitten, please disable the automatic cleaning function until they reach the minimum weight.

One or More Cats Scooping-Free

Designed with a spacious interior of 60L, this cat litter box effortlessly accommodates more than one cat, catering to the needs of households with multiple feline friends. In addition, the generous 6L waste drawer, coupled with the certified deodorant for odor removal, allows you to go without the hassle of manual scooping for up to 3 months.

High Compatibility and Easy Maintenance

The uniquely shaped filter screen acts as an automatic strainer for all clumping litters, filtering out cat waste and leaving behind fresh litter for the next use. To clean the cat litter box, follow just a few simple steps to detach the globe, filter screen, and litter bed for cleaning. It's remarkably convenient. The fully automated setup and the deodorant solution also help minimize the frequency of cleaning required, saving you valuable time, energy, and money.

Certified Deodorant

The globe of this cat litter box is equipped with a deodorant box, and it comes with 3 deodorant bars as a bonus. All of these components have been tested and proven to provide a non-harmful deodorizing solution for cats.

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Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

The Furbulous Litter Box automatically filters out the soiled litter after each use, ensuring a tidy litter bed for your cat. The built-in automatic packing system packs and seals the litter bag on its own, giving you a worry-free experience.

Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

With only one click, you can eliminate all unwanted cat litter with the moveable entrance door and Möbius strip-inspired litter tunnel. Cleaning is a cinch because the globe, filter screen, and litter pad are simple to detach and clean with running water.

100% Safe

Safeguard your cat inside and out.

Infrared Sensor * 2

The infrared sensors automatically detect cats' movements to ensure that cats never get stuck in the globe.

Anti-Pinch Structure * 1

With the innovative design, your cat is safe from getting harmed by the unit.

Proximity Sensor * 1

The unit will smartly stop working as soon as your cat approaches.

Weight Sensor * 4

They automatically detect changes in your cat's weight.

Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

Smart App, Smart Care

The Furbulous App allows you to keep track of your Furbulous Box. After each use, keep an eye on your cats' weight and behavior.

Analyze weekly and monthly data to find any irregularities in your furry friends.

Learn More About App
Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box
Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

For All-sized Cats and Multi-cat Owners

The Furbulous Box has an impressive jumbo ball capacity that comfortably accommodates cats up to 25 lbs in weight.

The wide entrance allows cats to turn around easily while preventing litter spills.

The large 7L litter box is perfect for multi-cat households, providing enough space to dispose of waste.

Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

Compatible with All Clumping Litters

Offer a litter mat to keep your home neat and clean.

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The World's First Self-Packing Cat Litter Box
The World's First Self-Packing Cat Litter Box
The World's First Self-Packing Cat Litter Box

Easy Maintenance

The globe, filter screen, and litter bed are easy to disassemble and clean.

Rinse the Globe

Rinse the Filter Screen

Wash the Litter Bed

Tech Specs

Product Weight 13.0kg
Product Size(L x W x H) 702 x 450 x 595mm
Voltage 12V DC
Power Rating 48W
Input 100-240V
Output 12.0V, 4.0A
Globe Volume 60L
Litter Capacity 5L (Max)
Applicable Litter All Clumping Litters
Entrance Height 240 mm
Entrance Size 240mm x 210mm
Waste Drawer Volume 6L
Waste Drawer Usage Count 11 Times (Scooping-Free for Approximately 3 Months)
Deodorant Bar Usage Duration 30 Days
Automatic Packing Yes
Automatic Cleaning Yes
Automatic Refilling Yes
Smart App Yes
Certified Deodorant Yes
Litter Mat Yes
Lifeguard System Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Detachable Globe Yes
Detachable Filter Screen Yes
Detachable Litter Bed Yes
  • Furbulous Box*1 (Including 1 Screen, 1 Litter Bed)
  • Litter Mat*1
  • Auto Packing Trash Bag Box*1
  • Deodorant Bar*3
  • Deodorant Box*1
  • Instruction Manual*1
  • Universal Power Adapter*4
  • Power Supply*1
Furbulous Box Self-cleaning and Packing Cat Litter Box

Your Furbulous Box arrives almost fully assembled and ready for use. Get started by following these steps below. 

Step 1: Place the Furbulous Box in the same location as your old litter box during the transition period.

Step 2: Make sure that the unit is placed on a firm, level surface to avoid any wobbling or instability. Soft, uneven, or unstable flooring should be avoided, and the unit should be kept indoors to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Step 3: Position the unit near a power outlet, making sure it is not pushed against a wall or into a corner, and is not touching any walls.

Step 4: Place the litter mats or rugs in front of or completely under the unit. It is important to avoid placing the litter mat partially under the unit, and to use only low pile (≤0.5 inches) rugs or mats.

Step 5: Put the deodorant bar into the deodorant box inside the globe.

Step 6: Fill the globe with clean clumping cat litter up to the max line. Do not use non-clumping litter.

Step 7: Finally, plug in the Furbulous Box and the globe will automatically reset the globe's position for you.

Furbulous App


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