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Exclusive to the Furbulous Cat Litter Box

It is designed only for Furbulous Cat Litter Box for automatic packing, sealing, and refilling.

Eco-friendly Care

This trash bag box is made with care for our planet and your feline companion. Its body is crafted from biodegradable materials, ensuring a 100% eco-friendly and toxin-free usage experience. Additionally, it helps reduce unpleasant odors from cat waste inside the box, promoting your cat's well-being.

180 Days of Scoop-Free Experience

With the included trash bags, it automatically packs and seals the trash bag up to 16 times for two boxes, which means you can enjoy a full 180 days without manually scooping for one cat, saving your time and energy.

Convenient Usage

The trash bag box comes with trash bags. To get started, simply attach it to the Furbulous Cat Litter Box, and the machine will take care of the mess automatically.


Package Contents:  2 x Trash Bag Box

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