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Furbulous Box Troubleshooting

Furbulous Box Troubleshooting

E2 error means auto-packing function is stuck or does not work properly.

You need to check the following options:

1. Please unplug the device. Then check the Trash Box if there’s too much used cat litter blocking the sensor. If so, take out a few cat litter manually from the trash bag and try to restart the device again.

2. If the 1st option doesn’t work, which means there’s nothing blocking the lid of the Trash Box, Please check the condition of the Trash Bag Box. If the trash bag is tragged out, Please cut the trash bag and make a knot at the end. Then you need to put back the Trash Bag Box and restart the device again. E2 will not appear, and the old Trash Bag Box can still be used with a knot at the end but may not be able to take up too much trash.

E3 error means the lid located on the upper side of the trash bag is not closed properly.

You need to follow these steps:

1. Check if there’s too much used cat litter in the trash bag, if so, take out some manually and restart the device and see if the malfunction still exists;
2. Make sure to put in the Trash Bag Box in the right direction with the “TOP” mark facing upwards;
3. Check if the magnet under the lid is correctly installed. Probably it is not. Please check if the magnet is inside the Trash Box. If so, try to install it again.
4.Please unplug it for 1 minute (wait till the screen shuts down) and replug it .

E4 error means the lid located on the upper side of the trash bag box is not lifted properly.

Carefully lift up the lid and see if the lid can be lifted up properly. If yes, clean the cat litter on the lid and try to restart the device again to see if the problem is solved.

If the problem still persists after doing a solution, please reach out to us with the MCU version, mac address, error code image, and the serial number of the issue.

You can also search for other questions in the Help Center.